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GUYS, LIES & ALIBIS Langdon Prep #4

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As the daughter of a police detective, Chanti Evans knows what it takes to solve a mystery. She has brought down felonious classmates and street criminals, but it's a whole new game when her boyfriend becomes her next case.

Now in her second semester, life at Langdon Prep is going surprisingly well for Chanti. Headmistress Smythe is no longer watching her every move, she's turned a former enemy into a friend, and Chanti is even in a relationship status with her crush Marco, Langdon's star basketball player. Now she can focus on the one mystery she hasn't been able to solve--the whereabouts of her long-absent father.

But when Brent Carmody, Langdon's resident thug, makes Marco his next target, it's up to Chanti to decipher the dangerous game her boyfriend's playing before Brent settles the score.