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SWEET 16 TO LIFE Langdon Prep #3

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Chanti gets deeply involved in her friend MJ's troubles with her old gang. As if this is not enough to keep a girl busy in the days before her 16th birthday, Chanti and her mother find their close relationship strained when Chanti's long-absent father starts trying to contact them. Reid continues the snappy dialogue and clever storytelling of the previous volumes, and readers will detect real growth in Chanti as she works her way through her difficulties. Kirkus Reviews

The Langdon Prep novels take a unique turn from the typical prep-school serial novel. Chanti is smart, self-reliant, and no one's fool. She balances friends, informants, homework, and her own curiosity with ease, taking on way more responsibility than the average teen detective. Her narrative voice and instincts are equally sharp and deserving of praise. VOYA

Chanti Evans is on a case again in this delightful teen detective novel. Luckily, Chanti is resourceful, working her neighborhood contacts, her mother's access to law-enforcement information, and her own street smarts to figure out what's really going on. This is a suspenseful story with a clever, funny teen at its center and just enough grit to make it realistic. School Library Journal