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When Peter Smith’s classmate snaps a picture of him during a late night run at the track, Peter thinks he might be in trouble. When she posts that photo―along with the caption, “See the Pretty Boy Run,”―Peter knows he’s in trouble. But when hostiles drop through the ceiling of his 6th period Chem Class, Peter’s pretty sure his trouble just became a national emergency--because Peter is not your average high school senior. More...

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Andrea Faraday is junior class valedictorian at the exclusive Woodruff School, where she was voted Most Likely to Do Everything Right. But looks can be deceiving. When her parents disappear, her life—and her Perfect Girl charade—begins to crumble, and her scheme to put things right just takes the situation from bad to so much worse. More...

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"Reid presents an introspective, morally complex protagonist in Drea as well as an effortlessly diverse supporting cast. Gripping, suspenseful, and refreshingly diverse." Kirkus starred review

"Reid grounds her story in reality, with a diverse cast (Drea is biracial, Xavier is Korean-American), moral gray areas (involving juvenile offenders, attorneys, cops, and more), and ample consideration of the real-life consequensces of the characters' actions." Publishers Weekly



The Langdon Prep Series is being re-released in 2020!
The Langdon Prep series has been out of print for a few years, but the three original novels will return in 2020 along with a new(ish) prequel novella. Why newish? If you've read the series before, you may recall there were a few flashback scenes in the first book, My Own Worst Frenemy. I have pulled those scenes out and written a whole novella around them as a real-time story. This will be the new series order: